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Visibly Plump Your Lips Without Fillers by Using These Hacks


Plump are now a trend among women. According to them if you have lips that look plump you will look more beautiful and sexy. Everyone wants the perfect pout however, needles and fillers are not an option for many. There are many ways you can visibly plump your lips without making a trip down to the doctors. Just try out these tricks and you will have super sexy lips in no time!

Use Lip Gloss


Instead of your matte lipstick or liquid lipstick, try out a gloss instead. Gloss makes your lips look full, and supple. Gloss reflects the light as well so it will ensure that your lips are getting all the attention. Glosses take some reapplying but it is worth it. Any gloss that have a sparkle in it will even further enhance your lips. If you feel like a gloss is a bit daring for you then just dab a little in the center of your lips, this will make your lips look round and full, and most importantly, visibly fuller!

Use Contour


Contour and highlights can give the illusion that anything is smaller, larger, or more defined. So dust a little bit of bronzer or your favorite contour color just in the center underneath your bottom lip. This will help to give the illusion that your bottom lip is fuller. You will have all attention drawn to your lips, They will look full and more defined. A great way to have visibly plumper lips without the filler!

Use Lip Scrub


Not only does lip scrub prep your lips for any lip product, but it also slightly irritates the skin and brings the blood closer to the surface. Not only will your lips be smooth and supple, they will also be plump and pouty. Some scrubs even include cinnamon which will help to further plump your lips. You can make your own lip scrub. All you will need is sugar, cinnamon and either olive oil or coconut oil, mix them all then your lip scrub is ready to use.

Use Lip Plumper


There are many lip balms of the market today that offer a lip plumping aspect. These balms work through ingredients that slightly irritate the skin, such as cinnamon and menthol. These ingredients have a tingling sensation and bring the the blood closer to the surface of the skin. This results in lips looking plump, full and more pouty. This is an easy way to get the plump lips you have always wanted!

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