The Most Basic Makeup Brushes Every Girl Needs

Having the right tools is the first step to creating any makeup look. You have to have the right tools in order to apply them properly. The key to your makeup routine is having the right makeup brushes to apply your products. For those of you who are beginners, don’t be confused to choose which brush you have to have. This article will help you to find out the basic brush types used for daily makeup.

1. Flat Buffer Brush


This kind of brush will help you to make a flawless base makeup. It can be use for applying foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Flat buffer brush is easier to blend products with and it ensures your makeup will look evenly applied with an airbrush finish. It provides great coverage and allows you to put on the perfect amount of makeup.

2. Fluffy Powder Brush


After applying your face makeup is to set it with powder. Having the right makeup brush to apply powder is essential. Powder will set your base and make sure your makeup stays intact all day without budging. This brush can also be used wet or dry in order to create your desired look. This brush is extremely soft and distributes the product evenly.

3. Fan Brush

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This type of brush is the perfect shape and size for applying products to the apples of your cheek, which makes it great for highlighting and putting on blush to add some color and glow to your face. It allows you to apply these products in a small amount, so that you don’t overdo it. This tool helps you avoid applying too much makeup, which can look messy.

4. Flat Shader Brush


This brush is perfect for applying eyeshadows directly to your lid. If you love experimenting with eyeshadow, then you simply need this brush. This brush’s shape makes it perfect for packing pressed powder or cream eyeshadows onto your eyelid and putting the product right where you want it. The color will be applied vividly without leaving any fallout around your eye.

5. Blending Crease Brush


This is another eyeshadow brush. This type of brush is fluffy that allows you to apply and efficiently blend colors into the crease of your eye. It’s perfect for creating any multi color eyeshadow look. This brush is necessary to create any eye look. It helps blend out harsh lines and makes all the colors blend together smoothly. This brush will help you blend out eyeshadows and make your look completely professional.

Sonia Robertson

Sonia Robertson

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