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Shoes Without Heels to Wear With Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans can look fabulous and entirely chic when you pair them with the right shoes. Most of women when wearing skinny jeans will pair it with heels. Heels do make us look beautiful and stylish, but there are times when we don’t always use heels. Wearing flats with skinny jeans is also a good idea, especially if you know how to combine them. Therefore, this article will give you ideas on how to combine shoes without heels with your favorite skinny jeans.

Over The Knee Boots


Tall, flat boots, such as the ever-popular riding boot, are easy to pull on over skinny jeans and, in a classic shape that fits close to the leg, they never look wrong. Choose black or brown boots for a more uptown, polished look. You can also add color to a basic outfit with a flat boot in deep red, or forest green.

Flat Ankle Boots


You will never go wrong choosing a flat ankle boot, or a calf length boot. Boots with extra fabric look cool and effortless, and are fashionable both for daytime or wearing out at night. To store them when you’re not wearing them, use the inserts that come with the boots, to maintain their signature shape.

Flatform Sneakers


If you wanna look taller without heels, this shoes is very suitable for you. Flatform sneakers are a thing now, and we like the way these shoes can give you the same leg-lengthening boost of height as high-heeled pumps. This shoes is easier to wear around town all day long. This shoes will give an instant style upgrade to your daytime jeans outfits.

Colorful Sneakers


Sneakers go together with skinny jeans are perfect combo. Today’s more stylish runners are a great option when you want to add some edge to your outfit, or dress down a fussier look for daytime. A sneaker with a pretty pattern, or in pastel or bright colors, is really a must have in your wardrobe.

Pointy Toe


When you want to stand out from the crowd in skinny jeans, consider the fashionable effect of pairing skinny jeans with pointy toed shoes. The shape is very suitable with skinny jeans, so you look chic and cool. You can choose plain neutral colored pointy toed or printed one.

Colorful Loafers


This shoes is really perfect for you who love an eye catching stuff. A brightly colored loafer style is dressed up enough for wearing to work, and spares you the need to wear high heels. A flat loafer in a fun hue, paired with skinny jeans and a cute top, also delivers a relaxed vibe that’s perfect for casual dates.

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