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How to Wear Booties With Jeans


Boots are versatile and easy to organize. it will give us a casual and very cool appearance. Pair it with blue, black or white jeans for easy clothing. Even though it’s easy to pair with your various outfit styles, if you pair it wrong, your appearance won’t be optimal. This article will give you information on how to wear boots with jeans, then you’ll look amazing.

1. Pair Your Boots With Blue Jeans 


Blue jeans will be the most casual look, great for hanging out with friends or running errands. You can pair your blue jeans with a black top and brown leather jacket, then choose the brown colored boots to make a matching look. You can also pair your boots with jeans and shirts or tank top.

2. Wear Black Jeans With Your Booties 


Black is a neutral color that is very easy to mix and match. Black jeans are really cool, besides using your black jeans, your feet can look slim. You can mix black jeans with black boots. If you like the color of the monochrome you can choose the same color from the top to your boots.

3. Pair With White Jeans


You have to be fairly confident to pull this one off, and make sure it’s a day where you won’t really be outside much so there’s no chance of getting your white outfit dirty. Try pairing a white t-shirt with skinny white jeans, or a tighter white top for looser jeans. Then, choose brown or grey colored boots to make it popping.

4. Try to Wear Boots With Cropped Jeans


Cropped jeans are a great item to style with white booties. You can get cropped jeans that just brush the top of your booties, or ones that show a little bit of ankle. Wide-leg crop jeans will give you a more dramatic look, while skinny cropped jeans will look cute and playful.

5. Pair With a Single Cuff Jeans


Single cuff your jeans by rolling up the bottoms 2 to 3 inches. Your cuffed jeans should end just at or above the tops of your booties. Single cuff jeans and booties are perfect combo. You can pair them whit simple shirt with outer or t-shirt.

6. Try Double Cuff


The single cuff might isn’t for everyone, so if seeing the hem of your denim bothers you, you can do double cuffing. Roll up the jeans at the bottom hem twice in crisp folds. Make the folds wide enough that your cuffs reach the top of your booties or a little higher to show a bit of ankle.

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