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How to to Find the Match Lipstick Color for Your Skin Tone


Understanding your skin’s undertone is very important for choosing the best lipstick for you. There are no strict rules about who can wear what, but certain undertones pair better with particular lipstick colors. Your skin tone refers to whether your skin is light or dark, pretty simple.

The skin’s undertones are based on the primary colors, yellow, red, and on rare occasions blue. Those with predominant yellow tones have warm skin, those with predominant red or pink tones have cool skin, and those with a balance of the two have neutral skin. This article will give you some tricks to choose the match lipstick for your skin tone.

1. Lipstick Colors for Cool Undertones

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If you have pink or red primary colors, you have cool undertone skin. The most consistently flattering lipsticks for your skin tone will be either neutral or a little cool-toned. Those lipstick colors will make your skin look healthy and clear.  Nudes colors can look stunning, as can slightly deeper rose and berry tones. If your skin is darker, but with a cool undertone, cool brown lipstick can register as nudes and look incredibly chic. If you’re in the mood for drama, pink, magenta, blue-based reds and deep purple-red are all good options.

2. Lipstick Colors for Warm Undertones

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If your skin a lot of yellow, it’s better to avoid using lipsticks in the purple color family. Purple tones will really emphasize the yellowness in your skin. If your skin is only moderately warm, however, then warmer purples like magenta will look vibrant and the contrast will be flattering rather than extreme. Instead, neutral and warm-toned shades tend to work best. In general, brick reds, peaches, corals, and even colors in the brown and burgundy family can look fantastic. For drama, true reds and slightly warmer tomato reds tend to be the most flattering, although the contrast of yellow skin and blue-based red lipstick is not extreme, so they are not necessarily a bad choice either.

3. Lipstick Colors for Neutral Undertones

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Neutral skin tones have both cool and warm tones, so there’s pretty much nothing that doesn’t suit you. To figure out that you have a neutral undertone to your skin can be difficult, but the magical result is that you look incredible in almost all lipstick shades. Warm and cool-toned lipsticks alike will sit nicely against your balanced skin, so the only thing to keep in mind is the darkness level of your lipstick, as well as how it will pair with the rest of your look.

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