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How to Style a Turtle Neck in Extraordinary Ways

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Turtle neck is the most comfortable clothing and a choice when the weather is cold. It’s very easy to mix and match with anything, from skirts, shorts to dresses. Wearing turtle neck is very suitable to be used in any occasion because it is very versatile. Don’t be afraid to style in an extraordinary way with a turtle neck. If you are looking for ideas on how to style with a turtle neck, this article is very appropriate, so keep reading.

Pair It With Pencil Skirt

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Turtle neck can be very integrated with any subordinate including the skirt. For a slightly oversized turtle neck, you can combine it with a pencil skirt so you don’t look stuffy. Choose a neutral color so you look classy. A pencil skirt is very suitable to be combined with ankle boots.

Wear It With Leather Pants

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Create an extraordinary appearance by combining a turtle neck sweater with leather pants. Leather pants will make you look edgy and chic. Use plaid wedges or wedges with a lively pattern to enliven your plain top and pants. You can use a waist bag to complete your outfit.

Combine With Wide Leg Pants

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Top that fits in the body very well combined with loose pants. Loose pants will give volume to the bottom so that it will balance for both thin or fat body postures. Combine black turtle neck with white wide leg pants. for shoes you can use sharp shaped heels. to enliven your look you can use a striking colored earring.

Wear Under a Dress

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Not only can be worn in warm weather, you can also wear sleeveless dress when the weather is cold. wear a turtle neck under your sleeveless dress. choose a monochrome color so you look elegant. If you want the look not too plain, you can choose a dress with a motif but the color still matches the turtle neck. For footwear can use ankle boots or heels with socks.

Wear Under Tank Top

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If you want to wear your tank top in cold weather, this style is the way. You can wear it on your turtle neck. Choose a neutral turtle neck like black, brown or white, then pair it with a silk tank top. For the bottom you can choose black jeans or a black split skirt so your silk tank top looks stand out. To complete your cool style, wear high boots.

Oversized Turtle Neck

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Overized turtle neck you can make as a dress. This style is very simple, effortless, but still stylish. You just wear oversized turtle neck with a length above the knee. For shoes, usually women combine it with high boots, the gap between clothes and shoes makes you look elegant. To perfect your look you can wear a necklace so it doesn’t look too plain.

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