Exquisite Outfit With Dramatic Sleeve

Sometimes we need a little drama to give color to our lives. Not only does life require drama, your outfit  also needs it to make your appearance look new. You can try wearing clothes with dramatic exquisite sleeves! Choose a bell or ruffle-shaped arm, a puff sleeve is also a good idea. This article will give you inspiration on how to use an outfit with a dramatic sleeves.

Big Bell Sleeve

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Big bell sleeves really make you look dramatic. The t-shirt with the fit shape from the shoulders then end up with a very large bell is super stunning. Lace details on the bell give a touch that makes you look more elegant. This shirt works well with leather pants or leather skirts to give you an edgy and chic appearance. For shoes, choose heels with a thin strap. Makeup your face with bold makeup to make it more perfect

Double Bell

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One big bell makes you look charming, as well as a double bell. Clothing with a double bell is very beautiful, a large bell with a small bell on it will make you look beautiful but not too excessive. You can wear clothes with flower-patterned double bells so you look elegant and fabulous. For shoes, you can use white strappy sandals to make it look simple.

Ruffle Sleeve

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Clothes with ruffle details will always attract attention and make the wearer look beautiful. If you think wearing a shirt with ruffle sleeves is too ordinary, you can experiment with combining it with a dress. This combination is really cool and cute. For shirts, choose white so they can be combined with the dress you have. Pair it with flats or heels, if you wanna look more casual pair it with sneakers.

Puff Sleeve Dress

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dress with puff sleeves is very cute and unique. This dress makes you look cheerful and charming. You can wear this to the summer festival or be a wedding guest. You simply combine this dress with velvet boots so you look classy. For accessories, you can wear sunglasses and brightly colored hand bags.

Off-Shoulder Puff Sleeve

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Dramatic sleeves are super cute. If it’s usually off-shoulder in combination with a ruffle or sheer arm, you can try a new look with a puff sleeve. Big puff make you look elegant and the off-shoulders making you not look stuffy. Pair it with wide leg pants or a pencil skirt. For footwear, choose double or flat strap sandals so you look simple and amazing.

Big Sleeve

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Big sleeves are similar to puffed sleeves, the difference is the big sleeve does not bulge on one side but it’s balanced from the shoulder to the wrist. The big sleeves are usually wrinkled at the wrist or given a rubber so that the sleeves remain in place. It’s very easily combined with jeans or a skirt. For shoes you can use heels, flats or wedges.

Sonia Robertson

Sonia Robertson

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