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Create a Super Stunning Look With a Wide Leg Pants

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If you like loose pants, you can try wearing wide leg pants. Wide leg pants are starting to enter the current fashion trend. If you can mix and match correctly, wide leg pants will take you to the next level of appearance. This article will give you ideas on how to properly mix wide leg pants.

Cuffed Wide Leg Pants

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Maybe you’ve seen cuffed jeans a lot, but have you ever wondered how it would be if the wide leg pants were cuffed? Don’t think it will look weird, Cuffed wide leg pants are really amazing. You can pair it with a leather jacket to make an edgy look. For footwear you can wear printed heels or black heels.

Plaid Wide Leg Pants

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Plaid pants are very cool, so are the wide pants version. Plaid wide leg pants are perfect paired with a white shirt and blazer or leather jacket. For shoes, you can mix with pointed heels or ankle boots. This style is really make you look cool and stunning.

Buttoned Side

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Wide leg pants with button details on the side really make you look more classy. To create an elegant look you can combine the pants with a sweater in cold weather or an off-shoulder shirt in warmer weather. Pair with strappy heels to make it more delicate. This style can change your appearance instantly.

Tropical Print

Source: justthedesign.com

In summer you don’t always have to wear shorts, you can also wear trousers. Wide leg pants have a loose shape so you don’t feel breathing during summer. This pants with tropical style is the right choice. Pair with a white top sleeveless so that the pattern seems to stand out. For footwear, use flip flop or strap sandals.

Two Colored


These pants are really cool and amazing. Two different colors in one really make these pants look unique and attractive. Combine these pants with simple patterned clothes so that you don’t look excessive. For shoes you should use wedges or heels so they don’t look weird because these pants are better when covering shoes.

Super Wide

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These pants are not only wide but super wide. This pants is very unique and very cool. To style with these pants, you can combine it with a crop top so that your legs still look long. If you have a short and petite body, it’s a shame that these pants don’t suit you because it will make you look shorter. For shoes, you can choose flats or pointed heels.

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