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Create a Stunning Look With Pencil Skirts

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By wearing a skirt, every woman will look more elegant and beautiful. There are various kinds of skirts, but pencil skirts are one of the most popular skirts for women. This skirt has a shape that fits in the body, so it looks simple and classy. This skirt can be worn during casual or formal events. Here are ideas to mix and match pencil skirts to create a stunning outfit.

1.Pencil Business Suit Skirt

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Most skirt suits meant for business attire come with pencil skirts although a few come with other skirt styles, such as the A-line skirt. Wearing a pencil skirt with its matching suit jacket makes a winning combination as business formal attire. For footwear you can wear sharp heels or black strappy heels to make you look like a professional.

2. Pair With a Sweater

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For a look that works well both in the workplace and for off-duty hours, pair a pencil skirt with a sweater. Choose a neutral colored pencil skirt and pair it with calm colored sweater. For example pair light brown pencil skirt with maroon sweater, they will make you delicate and amazing.

3. Wear a Pencil Skirt with Boots

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Wear a pencil skirt with knee-high boots. Make sure that the hem of the pencil skirt and the top of the boots at least meet. Having a gap between them is a sure way to emphasis a short woman’s stature, but having the hem of the pencil skirt fall to the top of the boots creates one long vertical line. This is a way to wear pencil skirt in the next level.

4. Printed Pencil Skirt

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Pencil skirts with solid colors are great, but don’t be afraid to try something new that can make you amazing and become the center of attention. You can try wearing printed skirt. Pair printed skirt with plain top in order to avoid too much printed. For you who has petites body, you should avoid huge motifs when selecting a pencil skirt in order to maintain a proportional look.

5. Monochromatic Pencil Skirt

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Wearing a monochromatic outfit helps the wearer look thinner and taller. Wearing a pencil skirt as part of a monochromatic scheme works well because a pencil skirt has a much sleeker appearance than other types of skirts. For example, a full skirt worn in a monochromatic scheme wouldn’t have the same slimming effect that a pencil skirt does.

6. Leather Pencil Skirt

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We see a lot of leather, especially black leather, fashion during the fall and winter seasons, and certainly looks in leather continue in popularity. Wearing a pencil skirt in black leather is a way to look slimmer and trendy at the same time. A black leather pencil skirt seems sexier than a pencil skirt made of fabric. 

7. Wear a Pencil Skirt With a Jacket

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A simple way to wear a pencil skirt is paired with a jacket. It could be a leather jacket, a bomber, a jean jacket, or a tailored jacket of a fabric such as wool or linen. For women who have a tummy, wearing a jacket with a pencil skirt is an easy way to hide the tummy  and give the wearer a sleeker appearance. 

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