Cool and Chic Outfits With a Denim Skirt

Denim is a very classic fabric for clothing. denim is very compatible with anything. if you usually only wear denim pants or denim jackets, you can try wearing a denim skirt. Wearing a jeans skirt will make you look cool and chic. Try to be stylish by combining tops from shirts, shirts or tank tops with denim skirts. This article will give you some inspiration outfits with denim skirts, so keep reading!

1. Ripped Denim Skirt


Not only ripped denim jackets or pants are cool enough to wear, but ripped denim skirts are also very cool. Choose a skirt with ripped details that aren’t too excessive so that you still look elegant. Pair a skirt with a white shirt or denim shirt in the same color as your skirt to make it look casual. To complete your outfit you can wear nude colored heels.

2. Pleated Denim Skirt


Pleated skirts are perfect for hangouts with friends or for a weekend out trip. For a cool look, you can combine knee length pleated skirts with brightly colored shirts. So you look slim, tuck the shirt into the skirt. Wear white sneakers to support your casual look. For accessories you can carry a leather sling bag.

3. Multi-Colored Denim

This one skirt has its own art side by combining several denim colors in 1. It’s very suitable for you who are in love with something unique and attract the attention of people. Pair a multi-colored skirt with a plain white or black top so your skirt stands out. For sneakers, also choose white so that the center remains your skirt. If you want to use an accessory, you can use a square scarf on your neck.

4. Pencil Skirt


If you are an office worker, and you want to look formal but casual, this style is the right choice. Pencil denim skirt will make you look elegant but still casual. mix a skirt with a white shirt or blouse, then coat it with a blazer to enhance your professional look. For shoes, you can wear heels or strappy black heels.

5. Button Up Denim Skirt


Button up denim skirt is perfect for you who want to look tall and slim. The buttons lined up in the front give unique detail to the skirt. Pair this skirt with a plain shirt or shirt top so you look amazing. For a cooler look, you can wear a jeans jacket of the same color with your skirt. For shoes, ankle boots are perfect to complete your outfit.

6. Slit Skirt


A slit skirt gives you the opportunity to show your feet. This skirt really gives the impression of grace for each wearer. Combine this skirt with a white blouse top with lace details to make you look more perfect. For shoes, choose wedges with a neutral calm color.

7. Wear With Stripes Shirt

Combining striped shirts with jeans skirts can make you look more lovely. Stripes print never dies, if combined with anything. To look stylish, you can pair a red striped shirt with a denim skirt. Choose a short skirt, tuck the front shirt into the skirt. For shoes, you can choose strap up flats in a boho style.

Sonia Robertson

Sonia Robertson

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