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Complete Your Style With a Square Scarf


Accessories are things that can complete your look. Scarf is an accessory that easy to combine and very versatile. A classic silk scarf is an investment piece in your wardrobe, that never goes out of style. Wearing a silk scarf with your outfit is a genius way to add instant, effortless chic to any look. This article will help you to know how to wear a square scarf.

Front Knot


Create an effortlessly draped look with a silk scarf. Start by  loosely rolling your scarf on the diagonal. Wrap it once around your neck, with the ends facing the front, and tie loosely to one side. Pair it with feminine touch to casual outfits.

Boy Style Scarf Tie


This imitate from the boys technique for tying a square silk scarf. It looks especially great worn with a blazer or a jacket. To create this look, start by rolling your scarf diagonally. Bring it around your neck, making sure that each end is of equal length in the front. Make a knot at the base of your neck, so the ends stick out or hang down, it’s depending on the length.

Bow Tie


Here’s a pretty way to tie a scarf that can be worn with dressy outfits, but also works well for making simple look instantly more chic. To pull of this surprisingly easy look, simply roll your scarf diagonally, bring it around your neck, and tie into a bow at the front. Try this technique to dress up jeans and t-shirt.

Simple Point in Front Style


Here’s a super-easy way to add instant style to all your outfits, from weekend shorts and a t-shirt looks. Simply fold a square silk scarf in half to form a triangle, then wrap it around your neck, so the point is downward. Knot the loose ends together at the back, and you’re good to go.



Here’s a cute way to tie your scarf around your head, for a retro vibe. First, put your hair up into an easy topknot, simple bun or ponytail. Then roll your scarf on the diagonal to create a long rectangle of your desired width. Tie the ends into a knot at the front of your head.



Wearing a scarf around your wrist looks trendy and is a great way to enliven your outfits. To create a wrist wrap, start by folding your scarf diagonally at your desired width. Wrap twice around your wrist and secure in a knot. You can let the ends stick out, or tuck them underneath, depending on the final look you’re going for.

The Waist Wrap


A large square scarf can do double duty as a pretty belt, as seen here. Simply roll your scarf at your desired width, wrap around your waist, and tuck the ends underneath. If you want to make sure you don’t come unraveled during the day, you can also add secretive safety pins to secure the ends in place. You can also simply use it by tied on your waist.

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