8 Unusual Wedding Venue Ideas

Choosing a wedding place is a crucial first step in your wedding planning. Your choice in wedding venue can reflect you as a couple, and can also have a major impact on the look and feel of your celebration. With creativity comes a new ideas to marry in unusual venue that completely unique. Here 8 unusual wedding venue ideas for you!

1. Festival Style

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If you want your celebration to have a cute and fun feel, you can find a boho-chic wedding location in the wilderness! Achieve a festival vibe by incorporating tents, doing some games, bring in food trucks, lighting firework, and of course, music! Then party with your guests all night long at your own personal festival.

2. Greenhouses

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Greenhouse wedding venues provide a flora-filled outdoor feel without the worry of inclement weather. Couples can enjoy their cake and enjoy the cool air with gorgeous garden views in a climate-controlled indoor space.

3. Public Library

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Frequently known for dramatic architecture, incredible exhibits, and curated collections libraries are works of art in themselves! They often provide such a striking backdrop that little else is needed in terms of decor. Tie the knot in front of bookshelves and may amzing treasured books.

4. Treehouses

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Many girls have planned how they want their wedding to be with their friends in a little treehouse. Treehouse venues are an up and coming wedding trend. Treehouses now incorporate everything from beautiful balconies and suspension bridges to fireplaces. Plus, many treehouse venues have multiple cabins where you and your guests can stay the night.

5. Planetariums

Source: The Franklin Institure

Science museums often have planetariums, and they create a wonderful ambiance for your ceremony. This venue make you feel like wedding on the outer space. You will tie the knot under the beautiful stars and moon. Of course planetariums will truly build an unforgettable impression for your guests.

6. Sport Facilities

Source: myweddingreceptionideas.com

This venue is perfect for couples who like to do sport. You can use bowling alleys, ice skating rinks or training facilities. Imagine dining under a trapeze net or lacing up your bowling shoes after you cut the cake. These sportier venues are a great option if you’re looking to have a more wholesome, family-friendly celebration.

7. Zoos

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Are you an animal lover couple? Zoo is a perfect option. You can feel the marriage witnessed by animals in the zoo. And as a bonus, at many zoos a percentage of the rental fee helps support ongoing conservation and wildlife protection efforts. So, you can get double happiness!

8. Adventure Locations

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For those of you who like to do adrenaline tests, you can  take place on top of a mountain, underneath a waterfall, or underneath a cave. Adventure Locations will give an unforgettable impression. Get married in nature and enjoy all the beauty that is in nature. Amazing!

Sonia Robertson

Sonia Robertson

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