7 Types of Sweater That Will Keep You Warm and Stylish

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Sweaters will give us warm in the winter. Not only in winter we can also use it in seasons like spring and fall which are not too cold to use a coat. Don’t hesitate to style and mix and match with sweater. There are several kinds of sweaters that you can wear and create for a cool and casual outfit. This article will tell you 7 types of sweater that will keep you warm and stylish.

1. Baggy sweaters

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The oversized design is cool for casual day, as well as for dressy walks. A casual style can feature a printed or bright color sweater and team it with ripped jeans, leggings and maxi skirts. For shoes, then you are free to try ankle boots, sneakers and high boots for a casual look. Oversized sweaters are for everyone, no matter if you are plus size or slim girl. Just keep the bottom half slim or skinny.

2. Cowl Neck Sweaters

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This design is a perfect choice for cold weather season when you want to hide in a warm garment. It is super easy to wear for casual street walks, just throw it over your neck and add your favorite jeans, a skirt or leggings. For footwear you can pair with white or nude colored ankle boots.

3. Pull Over Sweaters

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It’s basically a slim version of a sweater. It’s called “pulled over” your head and has no front opening. Now, most of the pullover sweaters can be worn over basic shirts, they are ideal for creating layered outfits. It’s very suitable for ladies who want to create a school girl look.

4. Cropped Sweaters

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Cropped sweaters can be worn in any season. If it’s not too cold you can wear it with jeans or a skirt. In winter to be warm, match it with a skirt or high-waisted pants, which can be paired with buttons that are tucked inside and placed under an intersecting sweater.

5. V-neck Sweaters

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V-neck is awesome for women, because it can create a special V shape and make your neck, face shape slimmer and body elegant and sexy. This can streamline your upper body half. However,you can combine v-neck sweater with anything from cut-off denim and boyfriend jeans to pencil skirts and skinny jeans.

6. Sleeveless Sweaters

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The best way to make it work for you, is to wear it as a layer over a shirt or dress. Pair the dark and neutral colored sleeveless sweaters over white button downs for office hours. If the weather is warm, you can try it without any base layer. A striped long sleeve top or printed dress underneath is also a good choice, all you need is to add some jeans and booties.

7. Long Sweaters

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To achieve warm and stylish long sweater is the perfect option. You can look neat and elegant by using a long sweater. Combine it with a long lace skirt that covers your knee. For shoes, you can mix with ankle boots or heel to look perfect.

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