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6 Ways to Look Cool With Bucket Hat

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Trend fashion often changes every year. In recent years, bucket hats have become popular hat accessories. Bucket hats also known as fishermen hat or crushers. At first bucket hats worn by children, not a fashion icon. After the turn of millennials, the demand for bucket hats has risen again and comeback becomes a fashion trend.

2018 designers such as Michael Kors and Chanel began reintroducing for spring and summer. 2020 men’s collections such as Fendi and Off-White also make bucket hat as spring and summer fashion. Many celebrities and models love the bucket hats. In this article, we’re gonna see 10 ways to mix and match your bucket hats to make you look super cool.

1. White T-Shirt and Jeans

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A simple look outfit is everything. A white T-shirt and jeans are suitable to pair with any accessory, either bucket hats. Clasic bucket hats are cute paired with plain white T-shirt and blue jeans. You can add black waist bag to enliven your plain T-shirt. For perfect look, don’t forget to wear your sneakers!

2. Colored T-shirt and Short Pants

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This look is very suitable for school outfit look. White clasic bucket hat is very perfect to pair with colored T-shirt you can wear short pants to give you cheerful vibe. Put your t-shirt on pants and add belt to enliven your simple look. For final look, you can wear white backpack and white sneakers to give macthing color with your bucket hat.

3. Black Long-sleeve and Long Skirt

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Some people assume black is their happy color. If black is your favorite color this style might be your favorite too. You can pair a clasic black hat with long-sleeve shirt, to get elegant look you can wear long black jeans skirt. To give a little bit brigth color to your look you can wear white sneakers and outer.

4. Patterned Sleeveless and White Trousers

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This mix and match migth be a perfect look for summer. Brown bucket hat can be paired with cute patterned sleeveless and white trousers. For footwear you can choose flip flops to make your look more casual. And for bag, you can wear totebag for perfect combo.

5. Bucket Hat Color Matches The Pants

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Matched hat and pants color is cool. The pants you wear don’t have to be plain as long as it color still the same as your hat. You can wear patterned pants with stripes or squares motive, that’s up yo you. T-shirt that you choose should be the bridge between your hat and pants, so you can choose neutral color such as black, grey or white.

6. Bucket Hat With Hijab

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If you a hijabi, don’t worry, you can also wear bucket hat to make your look super cool and hype. You can pair your bucket hat with pashmina or inner hijab in order to make you feel comfortable and look neat. Plain grey bucket hat will look adorable if you combine with your oversized sweatsirt and denim culottes. For footwear white snikers is the best choice to make you look gorgeous.

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