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6 Cool Plaid Shirt Outfits to Wear Now

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The plaid shirt is a must-wear dressing piece for casual or semi-formal events. The classic flannel has been everything from a preppy essential to a grunge uniform. These days, it is more of a wardrobe staple for women. You may be surprised at how versatile one can be in your wardrobe, pairing well with everything. Here are 6 cool plaid shirt outfits to wear now.

1. Wear It With a Skirt

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A cozy flannel shirt instantly makes a long, pair it with a plain solid color skirt to get feel more cozy. You can use this style to go to school or just chill with your friends. For footwear you can wear sandals, sneakers, but if you live in a colder climate, choose easy flat or ankle boots to wear with this outfit.

2. Pair With Trousers

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This combo will give you a casual look, simple and cute. A plaid shirt in a classic white, pink and green pattern matches perfectly with grey trousers. Update this chic outfit by tucking the plaid shirt into the trousers. You can pair with white sneakers, strappy heels or wedges.

3. Wear With Blazer

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Plaid shirt layered with a blazer will give you a casual worker look. Pair shirt with jeans, tuck it into jeans. Wear thin belt to complete your professional look. Choose a plain neutral colored blazer to combine with plaid shirt. To make a perfect look roll the sleeves to make plaid pattern visible.

4. Combine It With Sweatpants

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Sweatpants are very comfy to wear. Many people usually pair sweatpants with sweatshirt or hoodie. You can create a casual look with combine the sweatpants with a plaid shirt. For the option, you can wear plain white t-shirt for the inner. Pair your outfit with black sneakers or ankle boots.

5. Wear As an Outwear

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Oversized plaid shirt can be worn as a outwear. It look so cool and cute. Combine a denim short with a crop top. You can also pair the oversized plaid shirt whit jeans or mini skirt. This style is very simple and rock. You can wear this to go to concert or hang out with your friends.

6. Wear It As a Dress

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If you wanna look a bit boyish but still look girly, you can make your oversized  plaid shirt as a dress. This style is very simple and cute. Make your style in the next level with adding accessories such as a headband. You can wear a headband with the same pattern as your shirt.

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