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5 Types of Matte Foundation That You Should Know


Matte foundations are created for women with oily skin. Matte also known as “oil-free” foundations are formulated with water and not oil. They tend to dry quickly, so you will want to blend it in with a sponge or your fingers as soon as you apply. And always use moisturizer or foundation primer first to add an extra layer of moisturizer. There are 5 types of matte foundation, this article will tell you  more about that, so keep reading!

1. Stick Foundation


Stick foundations are portable so you never have to worry about spills in your purse or bag. The coverage tends to be heavier, making them perfect for covering up blemishes, scars, reddened areas, and dark under-eye circles. Stick foundations are best for normal to oily skin. If you have dry skin, make sure to apply a bit of moisturizer first because stick foundations can cake up on you. Stick foundation is simply too heavy for fine lines and wrinkles. 

2. Mineral Foundation


For women who love in natural look, organic makeup, mineral foundation is your absolute best choice. Mineral makeup is made up almost always primarily of minerals, which come from nature. It’s a great for women with sensitive skin or allergies. And it’s a great  for older women with fine lines and wrinkles. You can apply a mineral foundation with a big fluffy brush for the best result.

3. Shimmer Foundation


Shimmer foundations contain ingredients that add a dewiness to the skin.  Buy in a shade lighter than your skin tone and apply only to those areas where you want to achieve brightness. Apply it above your brows, on the cheeks and the tip of the nose. This will make you look great and get shimmery final look.

4. Powder or Compact Foundation


Powder foundation comes in compact form, so it makes a great foundation for women who want on the go portability. It’s basically a powder and foundation in one and you can get it in several formulations, but it’s really best for women with oily skin. Skip this if you have dry or mature skin.

5. Mousse or Whipped Foundation


Mousse foundation or “Whipped Foundation” is liquid makeup with air whipped in. This makes the product light and smooth. Mousse foundations tend to have a perfect matte finish and a weightless feel. Whipped foundation is typically good for all skin types, but it’s great for those with dry or mature skin because of its tendency to go on smoothly instead of caking up.

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