5 Blazers You Need to Have This Spring

Spring is not cold enough for wearing a coat, but chill enough for bare arms, that’s situation makes us confused about what we have to wear to keep warm, comfy and stylish. Don’t worry, wearing a blazer is a solution. Blazer is easy to mix and match your style. Blazer gives you a professional look in the casual vibe. This article will give you inspirations about the kind of blazers that suit in spring. Here are 5 Blazers that you need to have this spring.

1. Wool-Blend Blazer

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For a jacket lover, you’ll like this kind of blazer. Wool-blend blazer might look like your usual blazer but this comes with much thicker, so you can still look gorgeous and warm. You can pair with a sweater and white trousers to get chic look and calm.

2. Leather Blazer

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Wanna look cool with 90’ vibe? Leather blazer is the answer, this blazer also give you rock star and biker vibe, so cool! In 2020 leather blazer still being the lineup, many celebs and influencers use this blazer. Leather blazer easy to combine with your favorite jeans, shirt or dress.

3. Vintage Blazer

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Vintage old fashion might never die, many people love the vintage look. Vintage might look old but actually it gold if you can mix and match your style. Wearing vintage blazer gives you a casual and simple look, you can pair your brown vintage blazer with a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

4. Colored Blazer

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If you are a colorful person, colored blazer is perfect for you. Colored blazer is unique and makes you more attractive. You can paired with your patterned dress or skirt to give fun and a nice look. You can copy celebs look such as Hailey Bieber, she combines her bold green colored blazer with match colored mini skirt. Hailey adds black inner and boots to make her look perfect.

5. Oversized Blazer

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Oversized blazer can be worn in any occasion formal or casual. You can pair with short pants or skirt and plain t-shirt to get perfect look. For formal look oversized blazer can combines with black trousers or long skirt. Oversized blazer is not only cool but also so comfortable.



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