10 Top Bridal Hairstyle Ideas For Your Reception

Wedding day will be the best day of everyone’s life. On your important day, surely you want to look perfect in front of your guests, family and friends. Everything from your appearance becomes very important to note, one of which is your hair style. Hair is a woman’s crown, so it must be maximal in styling it. If you are looking for ideas for styling your hair for your wedding, this article will give you 10 bridal ideas for your reception.

1. Simple Wavy

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To look beautiful on your wedding with effortless hairstyle, you just style your hair with simple wavy hair. This style will make you look so elegant and calm to celebrate your sacred day. Add big white flower clip to keep your hair stay on.

2. Low Twisted Bun

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Buns are often used for bridal hairstyle. This style make you look like adorable queen. Twist your hair then make two or three buns in low position of your head, then to make the best result, add gold metal floral clip on the buns. 

3. Smooth Low Side Bun

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This style is almost similar to the previous style, but this kind of bun doesn’t made from twisted hair. Smooth bun has more volume so it looks rather big.  To make your look more flawless, make bumpy bangs, then add silver accessories on you hair.

4. High Big Bun

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High big bun is very classic hairstyle for bridal. This style will make your hair look neat and gorgeous. Make a big bun higher than low bun style, then, make your bun look prettier by adding sparkling diamond accessory around your bun.

5. Mermaid Braid

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Mermaid bride hair style will make you feel like you are a real princess in your wedding day. This hair style is very attractive and can make your guests amazed with you. Put your hair on a side, the braid your hair. Add a beautiful flower to make your braid more perfect.

6. Rose Bun

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This hairstyle is very simple and cute. twist your hair, then shape like rose petals. You don’t need to add any accessories on your bun to make your rose bun look natural. Leave a little front hair to become a bangs to make your look perfect.

7. Wavy Short Hair

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When you become a bride you don’t have to have long hair. You can also look beautiful with your short hair. Wavy hair will give you a delicate impression. Wavy can make your hair has more volume. To make final look, add pearls headband, so that your hair style is not flat.

8. Big Curly Hair

Source: dazzlehairandbeauty.com

Do you want to look like Aurora princess? with this hairstyle your dream will come true. Style your hair with big curls to give your hair more volume, then arrange your bangs into two sides. For final touch add a beautiful white flower crown in the middle of your head. 

9. Crown Braid

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So many hairstyle that can be made with braid.  With this hair style you will have your own crown on your wedding day. Braid your all your hair then, wrap it around your head. This hairstyle just for you who have a long hair. Even tough you already have a crown, you can stack it with flower crown.

10. Swirl Hair

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Swirl hairstyle might be old but it actually really gold. Glam your wedding in a vintage way. Swirl your hair then, spray it to keep in the same shape. To give more vintage vibe, you better wear a gold metal flower headband.

Sonia Robertson

Sonia Robertson

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