10 Cool and Simple Bobby Pin Hairstyles

Bobby pins are accessories that help you hold hair in place. They are very functional and generally people use them by hiding behind braids or ponytails. Now, there are various ways to use bobby pins without hiding them. With a bobby pin you can create a cool rabbit style without the need for effort and a long time. Many types and colors of bobby pins that you can choose to style your hair. So, here are 10 cool and simple bobby pin hairstyle ideas for you.

1. Contrasting Colors

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Bobby pins are often used in colors that closely match your hair color. To make bobby pin pop on your hair, you can use bobby pins that have contrast color with your hair. Yellow bobby pins really pop with dark hair. Pin a bunch together on one side near your ear, combine it with ponytail and other golden hair accessories.

2. Colorful

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If you like being center of attention, this style will really match with you. Colorful rainbow bobby pins will pop on all hair colors. Arrange your bobby pin on your bangs by sorting colors into beautiful gradations to make your style look more amazing.

3. Hashtag

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Not only on social media, we can also use hashtag on our hair. This hashtag bobby pin is very simple but really cute. You can show off your adoration for hashtags with your hair by shaping bobby pins into the sign and placing it on the side of your head, like this beauty has done.

4. Triangle

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You can combine a topsy hair with triangle bobby pins style. Pull your bangs back and then hold it using bobby pins. Make a triangle with dark bobby pins, then add an outline to the main triangle with light colored bobby pins. This style will make you look gorgeous instantly.

5. Arrow

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Arrow signs are very cool and simple. To make arrow sign, combine two colors of dark and light bobby pins, then attach the left side of your hair. Complete your style by braiding your hair and put it to the right side, so that your bobby pins still popping.

6. Criss-Cross

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Bobby pin hairstyles allow you to experiment with so many different shapes and styles. You can keep it chic and simple with a criss-cross effect. To get this look you only need to make three or four crosses in the side of your hair. It’s very simple but can make you look adorable instantly.

7. Fishtail

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Braided hair is everyone favorite hairstyle. Fishtail braid, this is another fun way to add pins to a braid in a bit of a different way. This style looks very tricky but it actually easy to make. The way the pins are placed into the braid here really emphasize the fishtail element of the braid.

8. Side-Swept

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Side-swept style is the way to make fancy and elegant easily. Insert your bangs under the hair, then attach five to six silver bobby pins in sequence on one side of your hair. You can use this style in formal event, or if you want look casual, add curls your bottom hair.

9. Pinned Back

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Are you looking for a quick way to make your bangs a little more attractive? This style is perfect option. To make this look, just sweep your fringe off your face with a few bobby pins to give a high fashion touch to your overall look. This very appropriate for busy girls.

10. Chessboard

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This style is similar to the hashtag style but looks more complicated, as complex as a chess game. Just look difficult but the reality is not. To make this chessboard style you only need to cross 6 bobby pins. You can combine with two buns to get cute result look.

Sonia Robertson

Sonia Robertson

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