10 Adorable Disney Princess Manicures For Your Quince!

Disney Princesses are very incredible. Their story is timeless, and loved by all ages, from small children to adults. All Disney princess themed stuffs are indeed very attractive and eye catching. For those of you who want to paint your nails with an unusual theme, you can try using this theme. Here are 11 Disney princess nail inspirations that you can copy.

1. Jasmine

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A whole new nail design with Jasmine princess. This design will make you amazing like Arabian desert princess. You can design your nails by combining Jasmine character with her accessories like diamonds.

2. Snow White

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Snow White expresses a purity and honesty. She always turning a negative into a positive. Besides herĀ  inspirational nature, you can make Snow White the inspiration for your nails manicure. Draw Snow White, her step mother’s crown and her iconic tie. Those will make your nails cute and amazing.

3. Tiana

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Tiana is the first princess with dark skin tone. Tiana is a frog princess. If you love green colors, then you can choose Tiana as your princess inspiration. Draw Tiana princess on your for finger, then the other fingers with lotuses.

4. Belle

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Belle is a beautiful princess who marry an ugly prince. You can choose Belle as your nail design. Paint your nail with white polish then draw Belle on it. For other nails, you can pain with pink color base, then draw iconic roses with yellow color. You can also draw beautiful butterflies with metallic magenta.

5. Cinderella

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You can feel a magical vibe because of Cinderella. Cinderella make us realize that everyone can be a princess. You can draw a Cinderella story on you nails. This design use pastel colors as base. Draw Cinderella, her iconic glass shoes, the golden chariot, and magical sparks.

6. Elsa

Source: disneyfashionista.com

Let it go! Let it go! Elsa nail design tells us to go away from the usual nail design. This design will give your nails sparkly and icy looks. Use metallic colored polish to make Frozen nail design more perfect. Draw ice crystals and Elsa’s ice castle.

7. Moana

Source: totastethemes.com

Moana teaches us to dare to get out of our comfort zone. If you want to get out of your comfort zone to take care of your nails, you can do the manicure and drawing Moana on your nails. It’s very cute and gives a cultural Hawaii feel.

8. Ariel

Source: disneyfashinista.com

Ariel is a smart little mermaid and she wants to be a human. Her red hair and green scales radiated her beauty. Ariel nail design give you under the sea theme. You can draw Ariel’s scales, and sea shells.

9. Rapunzel

Source: etsy.com

The longest hair in the world belongs to Rapunzel. Her magic hair makes her mom lock her in a tower. Rapunzel nail design gives you Rapunzel power. Purple and gold colors are represent Rapunzel. You can draw the detail of Rapunzel’s dress and also her long hair.

10. Aurora

Source: wanelo.com

Aurora still beautiful while sleeping for a long time. Maybe by using this nail design our nails will also look beautiful while we are sleeping. To make this design is very easy, paint your nail with white for base, then add Aurora stickers. If you expert in drawing you can draw and improve the design.

Sonia Robertson

Sonia Robertson

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